Rocket Fuel Is The Key

The word, live it.


Corruption Is King

Dissonant, abrasive, explosively hooky and precise, Rocket Fuel Is The Key pulls no punches with a post punk squall of noise not rivaled since the late greats Drive Like Jehu, Snapcase and Fugazi (think "Repeater" era). Held in suspended animation for a time, Rocket Fuel Is The Key's sophomore album "Stroke Of Genius" picks up where their critically adored debut "Consider It Contempt" (Thirsty Ear records 1996) left off, and then some.

Rocket Fuel Is The Key returns as Scott McNearney (AKA Durgin) leads a fresh wall of dischordal guitar noise and a vocal assault, delivering an urgent batch of lyrical content that is intelligent, gripping and poignant. The band is cemented together by Vic Denson (bass) and Billy Johnson's (drums) watertight foundation of thick, pummeling sound, a rhythm section that is rivaled by few and regarded by all. "Stroke Of Genius" consists of 14 tracks created for those with a love for intelligent noise who insist on quality and refuse to sit still.

"Rocket Fuel Is The Key are indeed quality K.C. (Kansas City) noise, and were Fugazi less dogmatic and more psychotic, theyıd aspire to sound like this."
- Adem Tempedelen, The Rocket

"This band is dissonant, angry, hard and tight ­ a 'power trio' of nuclear capabilities."
- S.T., Lollipop Magazine

"Remember Fugazi at their Noisiest best? Remember what Drive Like Jehu was going to sounds like? Rocket Fuel Is The Key does. But while the comparisons are easy, the music goes far beyond these boundaries. These are three angry lads, and they play with the mechanized ability of a drum machine."
- Derek McEwen, Vox Magazine