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Corruption Is King

Back in early '94, the search was on. Scott had just moved to Kansas City and was looking for the right players to form a solid noise machine so tight and fierce it would scare the Jehu guys. Six months and the line-up was set. Ed Przychodzki pummeled the drums into submission, Vic Denson blew the bass up in the fattest way and Durgin freaked out in calculated hystarics (so much so he frightened himself from time to time). The group made a demo, started touring and burnt up every stage, 'zine and radio station they were highlighted in and on. Then, "The big break", a record deal.

Some indie label from New York with seemingly good intentions, big promises and not so big of a pocket book showed their admiration. The legendary Tim Mac was hired to document their debut LP freak-out. In the magical basement of AmRep these three holed up for a week and layed down what would become "Consider It Contempt", an instant classic. While in Minneapolis recording, it was so cold, a walk to corner bar seemed like an arctic death walk (don't ever record, or even go to Minneapolis in the winter). The record was recorded live with the exception of vocals (recorded later) and documents well the intensity and chops of this super group.

Shortly before the album came out Ed left the band over creative differences (yeah, right), the charred bridge has since been repaired. They cancelled a tour and focused on finding the most backward ass rockin' drummer in all of rural Kansas... enter Billy Johnson. Billy moved in with Vic and Scott, sleeping in their living room. Ocasionally listening to one another getting their love-on in the packed little apartment after a drunken night "wowing" the ladies at the bar only brought these three together more. The band's sound evolved with Billy, a thick groove - of a NON-funky sort - began to show, it sounded better than ever. Noise, intensity, style, energy, a groove and desperation came together, it was the perfect therapy.

The record came out, they toured like gypsies, the people came and the people left each show changed, the reviews were good. Their friendships grew and so did the music. The second record was about to be recorded and the bottom dropped out at the label, the seven that left the label were replaced by two, and a pop record was requested of the band. The band was confused by this request and insulted. The band requested to be let out of their contract. The label still owes the band money and refuses to return emails or calls (surprise, surprise).

They shopped new songs to labels, they got interest, but all the while distractions were everywhere. Eventually the distractions won. They started fucking around in different places. The band was back-burnered. A sad ending to an otherwise beautiful chapter of the big story.

So what then... Vic briefly joined a KC band called Cotton, then he took an extended hiatus from playing, Billy played with the buzz pop act Frogpond, he played with Onward Crispen Glover, and about 1 1/2 years ago he started the killer new pop/noise trio Shots Fired. Scott moved to Austin in '98 and started another noise band Vegas Amateur, the songs rocked but something was missing, he ended it a year later. After a couple year break -with a renewed energy and different focus- Corruption Is King was born in 2002 as Scott's new thing.

All the while, Rocket Fuel hadn't finished what needed to be finished. The people ask for more, so... 2004 and the band hit the studio in Madison, WI to record the long awaited follow up -"Stroke Of Genius"- to "Consider It Contempt" for release on Crustacean Records. After pulling teeth to get the record mixed and mastered, it finally happens in summer of 2006. Just when you became convinced that Corruption Is King is in fact the future of rock, the past comes back to bite you in the ass with a fresh new sonic blast. So the best of both worlds come together in 2006, it's only going to get better.

The players:

  • Billy Johnson - drums
  • Scott McNearney (AKA Durgin) - guitar and vocals
  • Vic Denson - bass
  • Ed Przychodzki - drums ('94-'96)

Consider It Contempt
Consider It Contempt full length debut CD